Learning Badges

The Scarborough Public Library is excited to partner with the Maine State of Learning initiative which recognizes unique learning opportunities across the state.  Libraries have always been places for informal learning, which we think will only grow in importance as new digital resources are added to already expansive offerings.  Moreover, the public library is an ideal community space where online resources can be combined with a "brick and mortar" facility and local expertise to make informal learning more effective and accessible.

Listed below are our upcoming learning opportunities where you have the option to earn a learning badge.

Programming for Beginners BadgeProgramming for Beginners: Javascript

Join us for five nights of workshops designed to provide an introduction to computer programming by learning Javascript.  Starting June 27th, we'll meet for five consecutive Monday evenings from 6:00 to 7:30 (skipping July 4th) to complete at least the first 5 units of the Codecademy Javascript curriculum.  This excellent hands-on learning environment will give you a basic understanding of core computer science concepts: variables, conditionals, looping and functions.