Little Free Libraries in Scarborough, ME

A Little Free Library (LFL) is a book exchange where anyone can “Take a Book. Return a Book.”

Started in 2009 with a goal of building 2,510 libraries, there are now over 40,000 LFLs worldwide. How does it work? Sometimes people take a book and then return the books they’ve read. Often, people replace the book they’ve taken with another that they’d like to share with their neighbors. Because different books are constantly coming and going, there is always a fresh selection of books in stock.

The Scarborough Public Library and its Board of Trustees decided to help install a few libraries in 2016 as an extension of its outreach efforts. The initiative has been privately funded through donations directly to this cause. Fundraisers with Hannaford Helps and Romeos Pizza helped get the project off the ground. Generous donations from local businesses and community organizations (including Portland Press Herald, Ron Forest & Sons Fencing Company, Project GRACE, Scarborough Community Services, to name a few) have helped the movement grow.

With Little Free Libraries popping up all around Scarborough, we hope that residents will discover great books to read, share conversation with other Little Free Library users, and appreciate the creativity that goes into each library. Enjoy!

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