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Decades of weekly community newspapers are searchable and accessible to anyone with internet access! The Library received a generous grant of $20,690 from the Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust to have our collection of local newspapers digitized. The archive includes the Current, Scarborough Leader, Scarborough News Review, Southern Forecaster, and the Sun Times. It is searchable by keyword, making the task of historical research simpler and less time-consuming. 


Scarborough Leader (1995-2020)
Southern Forecaster (2003-2020)
Current (2001-2016)
Sun Times (1989-1993)
Forecaster (Southern Edition) (2002-2003)
Scarborough News Review (1978-79)
Cumberland County (2009)
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If you need assistance using this valuable resource, please contact the Reference Desk at 883-4723 option 4.

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