Mapping Maine With the Osher Map Library

Matthew Edney, Scarborough Bicentennial Series, Maine Bicentennial


Please note: This event is being rescheduled. Stay tuned for a new date and time.

Dr. Matthew Edney is curator of the Osher Map Library’s Maine Bicentennial Exhibition, Mapping Maine: The Land and Its Peoples, 1677-1842. Using digital images of the exhibit and additional items from the OML collection, Dr. Edney will provide an overview of this special installation. Digital maps of Scarborough’s marshes – an important part of Scarborough’s early and present history – will also be included. Due to limited seating, registration is required for this event. Call 883-4723 option 4 or email askSPL [at]

Dr. Edney has been a professor of geography at the University of Southern Maine since 2007 and is the Osher Professor in the History of Cartography with responsibility for courses in map history. He is also “faculty scholar” in the Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education. Since 2005 he has also directed the History of Cartography Project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

This series was made possible through the financial partnership of the Scarborough Public Library and  Scarborough Historical Society, and through a grant awarded by the Maine Humanities Council. Programs will be held at the Library and are free to attend.


Sunday, March 15, 2020 - 2:00pm