From the Director

My Best to You on Earth Day!

The Scarborough Public Library has a long history of practicing environmental stewardship. We have a responsibility to be very careful with all resources. Photovoltaic (PV) panels were installed on the rooftop to generate electricity for the library, and an Electric Vehicle Photovoltaic (EVPV) charging station, also with solar panels, was built for electric vehicles. Our lawn is pesticide free. We lend wattage meters that measure electrical usage. Our bird-friendly installations include a Nesting Box for Bluebirds and Acopian Bird Savers on many of our large windows to keep birds from the danger or death a window collision can cause. Our partnerships with many town departments and nonprofits in Scarborough, like the Scarborough Land Trust and Friends of Scarborough Marsh, happen and flourish because we care deeply about Scarborough and its people. We have enjoyed a long history of contributing to the betterment of Scarborough since our founding in 1899 and we care profoundly about the future. That’s why Earth Day is always observed here at the Scarborough Public Library.

This Earth Day, we launched a StoryWalk™ on Eleanor's Trail at the Scarborough Land Trust's Pleasant Hill Preserve property.  The Library and the Land Trust are collaborating to offer the Story Walk™, The Secret Pool, written by Kimberly Ridley, illustrated by Rebekah Raye, and published by Tilbury House, which explains vernal pools accompanied by beautiful illustrations. A StoryWalk™ is a series of signs featuring individual pages or a spread of a children’s picture book distributed in order through an outdoor or indoor space, making it possible for readers to walk along and follow the story. Often Story Walks™ have an accompanying activity to encourage healthy movement while enjoying the book.

Visit the Pleasant Hill Preserve, one of seven properties stewarded by the Scarborough Land Trust, in the days ahead to enjoy The Secret Pool. The StoryWalk™ will remain at the Pleasant Hill Preserve through May 3. The Library and the Land Trust encourage families to enjoy the active educational adventure of following the StoryWalk™ as a family and to benefit from moving in the fresh air while learning about vernal pools. The Scarborough Land Trust conserves land for people, for wildlife—forever. For over one hundred years the Scarborough Public Library has served as the common ground and heart of the community. Both non-profit organizations embrace and value environmental stewardship. Learn more at our websites, and

The Susan McNamara Johnson StoryWalk™ was made possible through generous donations given to the Scarborough Public Library in her memory. As a public school teacher, Susan spent her career in elementary schools. She worked to ensure that all students, including those with special needs, had an equal chance to experience the joys of reading. A resident of Higgins Beach, Susan patronized the Scarborough Public Library, where she was always at home. The StoryWalk™ concept was created by Anne Ferguson and developed in cooperation with the Kellogg Hubbard Library and the Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition.

The Library and the Land Trust have a history of meaningful collaboration—from guest appearances of Land Trust staff at Story Times to author talks and book donations. Launching a Story Walk ™ on Earth Day is a way to demonstrate both organizations’ commitment to environmental stewardship and literacy.  Andrew Mackie, executive director of Scarborough Land Trust said, “The Scarborough Land Trust purpose includes connecting people to the natural world; we are so pleased to be working with such a respected community partner as the Scarborough Library to bring new learning opportunities to families.”  We always enjoy collaboration with the Land Trust. The Library is pleased to be able to share reading experiences with children and families outside our walls. The Secret Pool Story Walk ™ is one of several ways to experience reading without coming into the Library. Another way is to borrow our themed backpacks, which are designed to enhance an outdoor adventure.

Expect to find some inspiration and resources at our Library for the rest of Earth Week and for the Earth Days to come. Always remember, our collection is the most renewable resource of all here at the Library, where every day is Earth Day!


Nancy E. Crowell, Library Director