From the Director

Well Done!!

The 2021 Community Survey results are now available. The first section in the report received by the Town Council showed customer service results and noted “the Town of Scarborough Rates Significantly Higher Than Other Communities in Providing Customer Service to Resident” when the total of “very satisfied” and “somewhat satisfied” responses are tabulated. The Library was included as one of the many town services and facilities that were rated. We are very proud that the “Overall satisfaction with the community’s public library” was rated at 92.9% - one of the highest rankings in the entire customer service category. 

This high rating was consistent with other results for services throughout the Town.  I believe this is true because of the collaborative culture within and between all town services.

The survey results are helpful as we continue to plan for the building expansion, capital campaign fund raising, and the bond referendum in November 2022.  The rankings addressed programs for all age levels and the availability of meeting space for the community and area businesses. Other library services that had high ratings included “Assistance and customer service provided by library staff” (93.4%) and “overall quality of library services” (87.6%).

The library areas with lower – though still satisfactory – ratings are largely those where we have limited space to offer additional programs or need larger capacity. We also learned that there are people in our community who don’t know about the library services and the value of our offerings, such as low cost meeting spaces. We will strive to do better to describe in real dollars how the use of our collections, library services, meeting spaces, and the many intangibles contribute to Scarborough’s town culture and quality of life.

When asked which of several future town projects “should receive the highest priorities for investment” the 862 respondents chose a community center and the Library expansion.  In the open-ended question section, there were a number of comments that suggest the need for community event space could be included as part of the library expansion. Many have noted how library expansion complements the services a recreation center will provide to residents. 

Based on past town public facilities studies, we have assumed that following the library expansion, a community center will be built within the next five years.  In the meantime, our expanded building will allow us to offer additional space for gathering, collaborating, and self-improvement.

We will be providing more details about our preliminary design and project features over the next several months.  This expansion will represent the excellent quality of life and community values that have been measured in the town survey. In preparing for the referendum, we will inform, educate, and promote to all citizens the collaborative spirit of our library. We hope you’ll consider learning more, helping us in our efforts, and being informed advocates of our exciting and impactful plans.




Nancy E. Crowell
Library Director