A Message from the Director

Seven Votes

In my last newsletter message, I previewed the July workshop with the Library Trustees and the Town Council to provide an update on our plans for a library expansion.  

At the workshop, we shared the details of the project, the planning for which has been thorough and funded through town appropriations in three fiscal years. The request is for a $13 million bond to be placed on the November ballot. The latest project estimate is $13.9 million and the Library is prepared to raise over $2 million in private support to cover the additional construction costs and the relocation and moving costs associated with a temporary relocation during the construction. The current draft budget includes significant inflationary buffers and was prepared by an independent construction estimator to validate our assumptions. We have done our homework.

The next step is in the Councilors' hands. They must approve placing bond language on the ballot for voters to consider. The actual wording of the question will be discussed at the August 17 Council meeting. We encourage you to contact your Councilors and ask them to approve putting the Library Bond on the November ballot. We believe the question should be the taxpayers' to consider.

We appreciate your support at this pivotal moment and encourage you to explore our Library expansion website.


Nancy E. Crowell
Library Director