Mission, Vision and Values Statements

These statements provide the framework underlying our library's strategic planning and services.  For example, what are our priorities as an institution?  What are our goals?

Scarborough Public Library

Strategic Intent


The mission of the Scarborough Public Library is to provide access to a broad and deep collection and high quality services that promote lifelong learning in a welcoming, community-centered facility.


The Scarborough Public Library will be an innovative leader in implementing a variety of strategies to bring knowledge and promote learning opportunities for people of all ages.


The Scarborough Public Library will:

  • Be a vibrant spirited library that demands outstanding performance in all areas.
  • Assist a broad population to access knowledge and information through diverse formats for both formal and independent education.
  • Maintain a professional and highly skilled staff to assist with access to information and services.
  • Use resources judiciously to provide a stimulating and welcoming atmosphere, and a variety of programs and spaces that serve as an anchor for the community.
  • Serve as a proactive and courageous leader in the library community – keeping abreast of the latest technology while honoring and maintaining tradition.
  • Engage and respectfully consult with community members to ensure that a broad population has a positive experience.


Adopted 10/2015