Strategic Plan, 2017-2019 : Priorities and Goals

Scarborough Public Library
Strategic Plan 2020 Update

Priorities & Goals

  1. Provide access to high quality services and collections 
    1. Provide access in multiple formats - Ongoing 
    2. Promote resources for independent and formal learning 
    3. Maximize user experience of high-speed Internet access (MSLN) 
    4. Review library hours to improve patron access 
    5. Community Cloud space
  2. Promote opportunities for curiosity, entertainment, and life-long learning 
    1. Support early childhood learning
    2. Coordinate summer learning opportunities with educators and commercial programs 
    3. Identify and meet the needs of newcomers 
    4. Promote customized digital learning (courses and locations), promote Library Resources over other products 
    5. Promote job skills and resources 
    6. Provide teen life-skills support (money management, babysitting, college prep.) 
    7. Provide senior computer/technology and enrichment series 
  3. Engage the community in developing and promoting resources and partnership opportunities
    1. Civic engagement - public affairs: expand opportunities for conversation (use media) 
    2. Volunteer Service Coordination 
    3. Multi-generational programming
    4. Business partnerships 
    5. Identify new opportunities to promote the library with users and non-users 
  4. Provide a versatile, welcoming, collaborative, and safe space that serves as an anchor for the community 
    1. Develop plan for Library Expansion 
    2. Provide business support services 
    3. Define the Library's role as a cultural center and develop an appropriate response 
    4. Define what a maker space for our Library might include 
  5. Ensure a strong, helpful, and customer-focused organization 
    1. Support staff development including providing appropriate time and space  
    2. Develop a succession plan for Library Director 
    3. Provide diversity training to the staff and board 
    4. Review mission in regard to Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion