Public Computers

Computers (PCs) are available in the Adult area for individuals 17 and older. The PCs offer Internet access, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

iMacs are available for children to use in the Children’s area. The computers have Internet access, Apple Suite, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. Two Early Literacy Stations in the children’s area are loaded with educational games for preschoolers.

There is no charge to use the Library’s computers and a library card is not required. You may log directly onto any adult computer (if over 17) using either your library card or a guest pass available at the reference and circulation desks.

Wireless internet access and wireless printing are available to all ages.  Once you are connected to our wireless network (SSID: library) follow these instructions to print from either your IOS or Android device:

  • IOS (iPhone, iPad) users, your iOS device will automatically detect our "Public Printer" when you use your devices print function from any app.
  • Android users, you'll need to use Google's Cloud Print service. This service is built into current Android releases (4.4 and above).  Older versions will need to install the Cloud Print app found on Google Play.  Either way, your last step will be to use this link to associate your Google account with our public printer.  Please see the reference desk for help.

Printing from all computers and through the wireless network costs $.10 per page.

Agreement for Public Computer Internet Use.